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A. D. Boutilier

Alex D. Boutilier was born in Sydney Mines, Cape Breton during WWII, and grew up in the shadows of the mines during his early life and as a teen. His interest in theatre began in school when he was involved … Continue reading

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John O. O’Brien

About the Author John O. O’Brien, author of the latest and most definitive book on Oak Island,  was the eldest of ten children, born in Halifax, Nova Scotia at the close of WWII. His father, a pharmacist and to whom this … Continue reading

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Joel Zemel

Joel Zemel lives and works in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He is a professional guitarist and teacher and has been involved in the Halifax music scene for the past forty-five years. He specializes in jazz but is well-versed in blues & … Continue reading

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Susan Manion MacDonald

Susan Manion MacDonald, n.d., dip. ac was well-known internationally as an author, motivational speaker and health consultant, specializing in the recognition and analysis of symptoms and they can inform you about your life. Symptoms: The Language of the Soul (2013) … Continue reading

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Francis R. (Frank) Phillips

Francis R. (Frank) Phillips was born in 1926 in Saint John, his father of Irish-Catholic lineage, a salesman, and his mother, a descendant of Loyalist-Protestant stock, her family arriving in Saint John in 1783 as one of the original Gorham … Continue reading

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Frank Mitchell, Editor and author

Frank Mitchell has been editing, designing and marketing books since 1996 when he first formed New World Publishing. During that time he has been the general editor and/or managing editor for some forty books in print, as well as over … Continue reading

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Burris Devanney

In 1965 Burris Devanney and his wife Louanne went to work in Africa on Canada’s new development assistance program. They were on-site witnesses of critical events in Africa’s turbulent history: Rhodesia’s UDI, Nigeria’s first two coups, Biafra’s secession, Gambia’s 1994 … Continue reading

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Barbara DeLory

Born and raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Barbara DeLory is married to Cullen and has raised four children. She received her MLS from Dalhousie University in 1985 and was employed as a librarian at Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources … Continue reading

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