AEHA Guide to Less Toxic Products

AEHA Guide to Less Toxic Products


Spring Cleaning Special: $5.00 (28% off) until May 30th, 2014.  Low falt rate shipping  anywhere within Canada or the USA for this product; free shipping is available on this product if ordered along with any of our Best-selling health books: Free to Fly or Balance. Make this part of your 2014 resolutions to improve your life: clean up your home and become more environmentally conscious.


Many thousands sold at a low original price, but this is the final printing in hardcopy format for this Atlantic Canada regional best-seller, now made available for purchase in all of Canada for just $5.00 and 3.50 flat rate shipping.. Shipping to USA is $6.5o flat rate.


An inexpensive and invaluable guide for locating and substituting safer, non-scented personal care and cleaning products, as well as locating information on pest control, indoor air quality devices, low-toxic building materials and school supplies. Also includes tips on food preparation and storage, plus a listing of useful books on most of these relevant topics.

The personal care and alternative home cleaning products sections are rather extensive. Originally commissioned by the Allergy and Environmental Health Association, the final section lists many sources for the recommended products, supporting those who retail or produce healthier and safer products for humans, pets and the environment. This unique reference is a must for every family: for purchasing safer products (or , indeed, for making your own) for your home, office, or personal use - for your heath, safety and hygiene. It is also the most economical guide you’ll find anywhere. You’ll likely save more than the price of this 144 page guide by just following any two tips you will find among the hundreds listed in this book.

Pages: 144
ISBN-13: 9781895814170
Price: $6.95
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