Anna Careless

An Unfortunate Likeness

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A novel of romance and the supernatural where a vengeful act of the past plays itself out in the present – one that spans over a century in time and a thousand kilometers in distance. The crucial link is the incredible physical similarity between a young womanand her great-great-grandmother.


See author’s latest December, 2017 novelette- Dancing on the Third StepThis is the only website where all four of Anna’s v novels can be purchased. Very limited copies of her 2nd and 3rd novels; decent quantity of this best-seller.

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Set in a small East coast town and a major Canadian city (Montreal), this second novel by Anna Careless combines romance, intimacy and suspense in an intriguing struggle between the powers of darkness and unconditional love. Cover is an original painting by acclaimed Maritime/marine artist Laurie Mireau. Sketches and reconstructed photos help establish settings in both the 19th and 20th Centuries; written in scenes suitable for a film script. This is the second in a trilogy of novels by Anna. Very limited copies of her first book, Where the Fishermen Sing, are available from NWP or selected rare book stores, while her third title, The Stone Maiden, can be obtained through this publisher.

ISBN-13: 97818957814057
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Where the Fishermen Sing



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Was it fate that brought Laurie Moffatt from Montreal to Canso, Nova Scotia, when she was a young girl, to fall in love with Tommy Doyle, and was it fate that brought Tom to Canso after his father died, to fall under Laurie’s spell.


Forced to return home to a grim family life and a Catholic convent school, Laurie reaches the age of seventeen before she is reunited with Tom is Canso. Through a cruel twist of fate their love is thwarted.



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When years later Tom finds Laurie on Moffatt’s Island – the island in St. Lambert that bore her name and would become the focal point of her life – Laurie believes that nothing could ever again come between them, but Tom leaves. She has an extraordinary and significant dream and she takes heart, but she must discover the island within herself to become complete.

ISBN-10: 0921165218
ISBN-13: 978-0921165217
Pages: 198
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The Stone Maiden




Only three copies remain of this remarkable third novel by Dolores (Anna) Careless. 


Her first novel. Where the Fishermen Sing, is down to 3 copies in print at premium prices, while her all-time bestseller, An Unfortunate Likeness, remains in print by the original publisher … at a Spring Special Price of $10 plus flat rate shipping.


The setting is Canso, Nova Scotia, during the Depression (and the Prohibition era in the USA). Danny helps his father empty the chemicla toilets, hence the nickname, Stinky.  He is poor but plucky and dares set his sights on the beatutiful Melora, who is very much a lady.


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Her father Donald is publisher of The Breeze. Her mother Elizabeth is a snob who disapproves of Danny. A running battle ensues. Danny is our hero – he likes to get even. The townspeople, who paly a significant part in his struggle, love him. [Readers] will love him too. Find out how Danny overrides adversity to become a man among men.

Pages: 128
ISBN-13: 9780968799505
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