An Unfortunate Likeness

An Unfortunate Likeness



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A novel of romance and the supernatural where a vengeful act of the past plays itself out in the present - one that spans over a century in time and a thousand kilometers in distance. The crucial link is the incredible physical similarity between a young womanand her great-great-grandmother.

Set in a small East coast town and a major Canadian city (Montreal), this second novel by Anna Careless combines romance, intimacy and suspense in an intriguing struggle between the powers of darkness and unconditional love. Cover is an original painting by acclaimed Maritime/marine artist Laurie Mireau. Sketches and reconstructed photos help establish settings in both the 19th and 20th Centuries; written in scenes suitable for a film script. This is the second in a trilogy of novels by Anna. Very limited copies of her first book, Where the Fishermen Sing, are available from NWP or selected rare book stores, while her third title, The Stone Maiden, can be obtained through this publisher.

ISBN-13: 97818957814057
Price: $12.95
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