Judit Rajhathy Live! (Boxed Set) ISBN 9781895814071

Judit Rajhathy Live! (Boxed Set) ISBN 9781895814071

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This is a two volume set of live, dynamic live presentations by one of Canada's most gifted lecturers, Judit Rajhathy, an amazingly talented health practitioner, and the #1 all-time Canadian Best-seller best-selling author of "Free to Fly: a journey toward wellness".


See details of each audio in the boxed set by looking at descriptions for the individual volumes (total 195 minutes): 

1.  Raising Heathy Children in Toxic World (90 minutes)

2. Boosting Your Energy ( adults -- 105 minutes)



This double set totals 3 hours and 15 minutes of plain, often humourous and entertaining, talk on family health - and is full of concrete advice about adult energy issues and how to raise healthy children.

Judit is a dynamic and entertaining speaker, intricately weaving factual information, appropriate research and anecdote into the fabric of her presentations. She keeps audiences riveted to their seats, often eliciting bursts of laughter as she intersperses humour with the realities of life in the 21st Century. Combining truth with humour, she provides her audiences with the relevant connections between symptoms and the root causes of chronic conditions wrought by our post-modern society.

Pages: NA
ISBN-10: 1895814073
ISBN-13: 9781895814071
Runtime: 3:15
Media: Casette
Audio: Cassettes: 2
Price: $17.95
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