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Night at the Gardens

What really happens in the Public Gardens after dark? Night at the Gardens is a lively adventure involving the statues of the Halifax Public Gardens and surrounding parks. As darkness descends and the Gardens’ gates clang shut, the statues “come alive”, climb down from their pedestals, stretch their limbs and once joined by Toby, the fun begins. One night the Gardens’ statues are plunged into chaos when the Jubilee Fountain’s nymphs ride off on the backs of the Juan Swans to head for the Atlantic Ocean! What is to be done? How do Victoria Park’s Robbie Burns and Sir Walter Scott help their neighbours? Read on … and track their lively adventures on the maps inside.


Characters based on the book: Three Centuries of Public Art: Historic HRM


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Exquisite Destinations:Adventures of a Maritimer in Lesser-Known Places

When we are young, we dream dreams. We fantasize about things we want to do, places we want to go, what we wish to be. Then, it is up to us, to time, chance and fortune, as to whether those dreams will come true.

A native of Nova Scotia, Peter L. McCreath grew up in the west end of Toronto, but has lived the last fifty odd years back in rural Nova Scotia. He is an educator and historian by training, but an entrepreneur by choice. He has led, to say the least, a very eclectic life, as a naval officer, teacher, author, union official, television broadcaster, honorary consul, Chair of Nova Scotia’s liquor monopoly, banker, human rights advocate, Member of Parliament and cabinet minister.

Through Exquisite Destinations, he shares some fascinating adventures and experiences he has had in close to a hundred countries around the world. Each chapter is based on a different country drawn from the five major continents. He has specifically focussed on countries that are less well-known and visited by the average traveller from Canada or the United States. All of the stories and experiences are true; there is no fiction here! But, there is adventure, life-threatening events, helping the disadvantaged and meeting presidents, prime ministers, and revolutionaries.

McCreath writes: “I’m sure you will enjoy this book and the stories it contains, and learning about countries that you may not have or even thought of visiting – but perhaps should. I have learned that there are many ways to be rich, beyond financial wealth: friendships, special relationships, meeting interesting people of different languages and cultures, good health and an abundance of unique and memorable experiences. These are some of mine and I invite you to share them with me.”

The book is part memoir, part travelogue and part adventure, with a good helping of history in each of the chapters. If these are not destination you’ve contemplated, perhaps you should or at least put some on your bucket list. This is Peter’s eighth full-length publication.


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From 14th Colony to Confederation, 1749 – 1867: Governors, Placemen, & the Merchant Elite by A. D. Boutilier

From 14th Colony to Confederation, 1749 – 1867: Governors, Placemen, & the Merchant Elite by A. D. Boutilier: 6 x 9 – 288 pp., with 100 plus photos/sketches. ISBN 9781895814668 – $21.95;

NEW ©June, 2017…. a CANADA 150 Project. E-Pub3 also available as ISBN 9781895814675. Contains four appendices of Governors/Lieutenant-Governors (many annotated) from 1713 to 1749; 1749-1778; 1778-1867; and 1867-2017. Contains Chapter notes, indexed.


Description: A social history of any community in any time period must seek to study every cultural and sub-cultural signpost; then takes the reader on a natural path. From 14th Colony to Confederation, 1749 – 1867, is such a social history. It is the second title in a trilogy of books that are connected – and this one is subtitled: Governors, Placemen, and the Merchant Elite. Use of 18th, & 19th Century language and quotes provides much humour throughout the manuscript.


Short description: It begins with the founding of Halifax; the development of Nova Scotia and how it devolved into the Maritime provinces (ca.1785); the failure of Maritime Union, evolution of responsible government and the Canadian Confederation.


The appeal of this trilogy is that it illuminates the lives of the British military* garrisoned at Halifax until Confederation; demystifies the lives of the rich and the powerful at that time; and it traces the experiences of those who fought to be heard, as well as the struggles of people who strained every nerve to survive, and were often victims of the power systems of that era. A common thread running through the chapters involve the circumstances in which each governor and lieutenant-governor found himself, and what he did to remedy a specific situation; and how each one, in his own way, brought Nova Scotia a step closer to Confederation. Some achieved what they set out to do, others were hampered by existing conditions, and a few, who were extraordinary, propelled society forward. A small number were not without flaws, but their faults served to call out the excellence in others. It also includes the initial drive for Maritime Union, which ultimately devolved into Confederation, including the fascinating debates of Joseph Howe and Sir Charles Tupper.


Price: $21.95
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