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Health and Wellness We began with books on the topic of health and wellness and continue today to bring you a small collection of fascinating books and audio products on a topic of importance to us all. It’s an area that has an impact on each of us, and we hope to continue to bring you more quality productions that could change your life. Includes two Canadian Best-seller ; one the all-time #1 book in Canada.

SYMPTOMS: The Language of the Soul

 NEW BOOK by acclaimed author of Canadian Best-seller BALANCE!


SOLD OUT In Canada at this time; may be available from Balboa in the USA. Check their website.


NA in Canada as of December, 2017.

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A GIFT OF TRANSFORMATION This publication is about the possibilities of transforming one’s life from simply doing to being; a shift from fear to courage, sadness to joy, anger to love, illness to wellness. It requires one to be authentic to oneself, while learning that each person one meets on life’s journey is a mirror reflecting an answer necessary to live life to the fullest.


A symptom can be simple as a virus or as complex as cancer. It is a message to oneself that you are no longer living life in an authentic way.   Each symptom one experiences is related to a trapped emotional feeling stored in a particular organ or gland. Low self-worth enables the emotional feeling to remain fixed within the body, which affects the Energy Field that surrounds each of us, and is unable to protects us as it should.. The Soul has sent the Body a message: first intuitively, second in the form of  an illness and finally as a full blown disease. Each person has the ability to heal naturally as you connect, resolve, forgive and clear the past to become present in our own life. Let the Spirit (mind) be the wind beneath your wings, and choose the Soul (heart) as your internal mapping system.


This is Susan’s second publication; the first, BALANCE, nature’s way to heal your body (New World Publishing: Sept., 2007) became a Canadian best-seller in Canada in less than a year and has been the subject of  five large reprints to date.



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To be clear, symptoms are the Soul’s language to identify an area of concern that is keeping a person from living life fully. To simply live is not necessarily to live life fully, authentically. To be is to live life to the fullest. All symptoms are included, from the very small ones such as stubbing one’s toe to the major events such as terminal cancer. Symptoms start out small and escalate as one continues to ignore the inner self and the need to be present in one’s life.

Life is not simply breathing, eating, and playing, working, loving – it is much more. The reason the Soul came to Earth in a physical form is built around Life’s Purpose – Being – that is who one is and what makes one joyful at the level of the Soul. At birth, unless trauma has occurred during conception or delivery, the qualities required to attain Life’s Purpose are both present and clear. During childhood, qualities can be erroded along with bits of one’s Soul through traumatic experiences or even what one perceives as being traumatic. Some individuals can release these feelings created by trauma effectively and others cannot and It is the feelings that have been put aside that forge the basis for illness. As a human being, one is meant to feel and be, not just exist and do.

The Energy Field that surrounds the body extends in normal circumstances to the distance of one’s outstretched arms around and above us. This Field protects the body as would an egg white protect the yolk of an egg. Emotional feelings can become trapped in organs of the body, thus creating static within the Energy Field. This static weakens a portion of the Field and interrupts its ability to protect the body. The Spirit remains in the body due to this Energy Field and when the field is weakened, and takes action along with the Soul to ensure feelings are released and essential qualities lost are reclaimed.

This is done via the language of Symptoms. Nothing in Life is an accident! Did you stub a toe today? Hit your head? Cut a finger? What was not present today? Become present to your life. Release the feelings buried from the past, so you can live here, now, in the present.

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Free to Fly, a journey toward wellness (2nd Edition) ISBN 9781895814156



Complete your 2017-18 resolutions for better health for yourself and your family! Price reduction of $3.00 until March. 31, 2018. SALE price  = $24.95 … plus BONUS audio ( see below) …..


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All-Time Number One Canadian Best-seller… $1.4 Million sold to date. Written in story-form, it is Canada’s all-time best selling and most loved book on health and wellness. With over one million dollars worth sold at retail, this book is the most accessible book in its field to explain complex health problems in layman’s terms.

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This book covers all manner of allergies, IBS, PMS, depression, Candida, CFS, asthma, migraines, nausea, eczema, as well as ear and throat infections, colitis, hyperactivity and ADHD in children.

Praised by medical doctors and natural health practitioners alike for its accuracy, completeness and readability, it is the first book you should read to help prevent disease, improve your health and change your life. Significant information on nutrition and the environment, including your workplace, home, lawns and gardens.

Pages: 352
ISBN-10: 1895814154
ISBN-13: 9781895814156
Price: $27.95
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Judit Rajhathy Live (Vol.2): Boosting Your Energy



RARE ITEM at LESS THAN HALF PRICE: Thousands of copies sold at $10.95; but remaining stock is available for $3.00 each until stock is depleted.  Note: A copy of this cassette or the Raising Healthy Children cassette will be shipped  free of charge with any order of  either of our Canadian Best-sellers:  BALANCE, Nature’s Way to Heal Your Body or Free to Fly, a journey toward wellness. 




Volume 2 is a companion to both Vol.1 and her best-selling book, Free to Fly, but speaks specifically to issues of energy losses in adults, including both intermittent and chronic fatigue, food and chemical allergies, and ways to boost both your energy and your immune system to help you live a better, more energetic life.



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Other topics in this 105 minute, often humorous discourse include: allergies, chronic ailments, headaches/migraines, depression, digestive and bowel disorders, PMS, sinusitis, asthma and more! It is excellent for reluctant readers: those who need this information, but do not have the time or patience to read the 352 page book. Listen to it as you drive to work or while you work at home.

ISBN-13: 9781895814088
Runtime: 105 Minutes
Media: Casette
Price: $10.95
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Judit Rajhathy Live (Vol.1): Raising Healthy Children



HALF PRICE: Thousands of copies sold at $10.95; but remaining stock is available for $3.00 each until stock is depleted.  Note: A copy of this cassette or the Boosting Your Energy cassette will be shipped  free of charge with any order of  either of our Canadian Best-sellers:  BALANCE, Nature’s Way to Heal Your Body or Free to Fly, a journey toward wellness. 


This first volume is based on Judit’s keynote lectures at Wholife Expo in Toronto and her best-selling book. The focus of this volume is on children’s health, including chronic ear and throat infections, constant mucus issues and bacterial/viral infections, asthma, bed-wetting as well as attention/behavioral issues at home and school.

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ADHD is also addressed in this dynamic recording. It was recorded at the request of many who attended her lectures and workshopsrom 1996-2004. Great for busy persons who can listen to it in their car while driving to work or on shopping trips.

ISBN-13: 9781895814064
Runtime: 90 Minutes
Media: Casette
Price: $10.95
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