Ian A. Cameron, MD

Quarantine, What is Old is New (ISBN 9781895814347)

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Historian and medical doctor Ian Arthur Cameron has produced a gripping history of Quarantine in Canada, the forgotten story of the men and women who worked to save lives and protect the citizens of this land. A story of the early years of immigration to Canada, and of marine transportation with wooden ships sailing reluctantly into the age of steam.

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It also details significant aspects of the history of Canada, Nova Scotia and Halifax, and recounts the story of contagious disease in the 19th-20th Centuries. But it is more than the past, dealing with the future of dread diseases we face today, including SARS, West Nile fever, and the feared influenza pandemics, such as those possible with the latest swine flu (H1N1) or potential bird flu (H5N1). It is story of immigration and the men and women who worked on the front lines to contain contagious disease from entering the country. Lawlor’s island was the largest, year-round Quarantine station in Canada which served this country for over 80 years.

Pages: 208
ISBN-13: 9781895814347
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