Jackie Haverty

Journey to the 5th Dimension: an Extra-ordinary Guided Meditation





Only limited copies (4 left; one case damaged) of  Volume 2 (5th Dimension) are available in a CD format. Although more than 10, 000 CDs in this series were originally printed, when these copies are gone, no more CD printings are planned. One Copy with damaged case – CD unaffected at $14.00



This is volume two of a three part series; volumes one and three in CD format are  currently SOLD OUT . However you may obtain a download version of either Vol 1 and/or 3 meditation  CD by clicking on the  following link: www.innerlightconnections.com



This powerful sixty minute guided meditation was created to guide the listener beyond the limits of one’s body and ego consciousness to the higher levels of the 5th dimension. The music is a spontaneous, celestial composition by Paul Armitage, and when combined with the soothing, transformative words of Jackie Haverty, weaves a tapestry of transcendence where words and music become One. The words were created from visions received by Jackie while in deep meditation. Diane Parks also spontaneously composed the beautiful artwork used for the labels and inserts.  All three beings involved in the making of this CD  have added their own unique vibrations. Through intent, the body, mind and spirit absorb and integrate the highest vibrations of the platinum/violet light of Cosmic Consciousness. This awakens the DNA and transforms all negativity into the higher vibrations of pure unconditional love, acceptance, compassion and forgiveness. It provides a truly remarkable experience with a shift in consciousness that occurs on all levels and prepares the body, mind and spirit for ascension into the 5th dimension.


Your Journey to the 5th dimension begins with a deep, progressive relaxation during which you absorb the bright golden light of your Higher Consciousness into every cell of your being. Continue your journey inward to the higher vibrations of the Crystal Palace where you enter the room of Integration and Transformation. In this magnificent room with no walls, you find yourself lying upon a warm and loving crystalline structure where every cell of your body absorbs and integrates the most powerful vibrations of luminescent platinum/violet light that falls softly upon you from a golden, geodesic dome above you. Subsequently, your inter-dimensional DNA talks to your biological DNA awakening and transforming all the strands within your biology. In addition, the crystal structure beneath you absorbs all negative thought, word, action and feeling ever expressed, in any time frame or dimension, from the totality of your being. These negative vibrations are then transformed and transmuted into the higher vibrations of unconditional love, compassion, understanding and forgiveness. The higher vibrations are then reflected back into your being through the crystalline structure beneath you.

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Infinite Healing for Body, Mind and Spirit (Vol. 4)


WHOOPS! One copy in CD format remaining anywhere .BRAND NEW!


Unfortunately after this volume goes – this CD by Jackie Haverty is completely SOLD OUT and is no longer available in the CD format. You may  order a download of  Vols. 1, 3 or 4 please go to: www.innerlightconnections.com


This is a extended length production which plays for 75 minutes.


Infinite Healing is a powerful healing experience that transcends time and space. Use the incredible tools provided to create the highest expression of Love in every aspect of your life. The enclosed booklet provides necessary information for self-healing on a conscious level and explores how acceptance, forgiveness, and intent play an integral part in the healing process. Divinely inspired words and music create a harmonic resonance integrating quantum physics with Divine Love for transformation and integration.



Runtime: 75 Minutes
Music By: Paul Armitage
Media: CD
ISBN-13: 9781895814332
Track One: Ultimate Healing; 42 minutes long
Track Two: I Am Healing: 33 minutes long
Includes: 12 Page Booklet
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Journey Through the Chakras (Vol.3): an Extra-Ordinary Guided Meditation


PLEASE NOTE: There are no copies of this production remaining in a CD format, as it was  the last very hard copy printing before becoming available as a download only at www.innerlightconnections.com


Experience the final 60 minute guided meditation in a series of three, beginning with a deep relaxation in preparation for an unforgettable journey through the seven major chakras. This journey is designed to cleanse the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual selves of electromagnetic blockages that keep us unbalanced and unwell.


Your journey takes you through each major chakra, while breathing the vibrant colors into your entire being and absorbing the colors into every cell of your body. Release   yourself from core issues related to each chakra.


You will balance, adjust and integrate your chakras . . . and  will experience exhilarating  feelings of  freedom,  creativity,  love,  acceptance,  forgiveness, inner  truth and   wisdom, while  increasing the Universal vibrational frequencies order to transform your cells;  bring you metal clarity; balance your   emotional  self;  and  activate your multiple levels of   consciousness. Enjoy a profound enrichment of well being on all levels of body, mind, spirit and soul.



Runtime: 60 Minutes
Music By: Paul Armitage
Media: CD
ISBN-13: 9781895814262
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Journey to the Crystal Palace (Vol.1)

SOLD OUT in CD format: please note that this item is no longer available in CD format, You may obtain a download of this CD by contacting the author directly at:



This extra-ordinary sixty minute guided meditation by BC author and spiritual teacher, Jackie Haverty, was created to provide the listener with a profound, multi-dimensional experience in which the Higher Self is accessed for mystical insight and “true” healing. Through intent, the heart is opened to the timeless gifts of transformation and unconditional love from the Divine Self.

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This journey provides true liberation of our body, mind and spirit. Although primarily intended as a meditation tape, the soothing words by Jackie and the inspirational music by Paul Armitage make this CD a wonderful relaxation tool, which can release tension and stress, inducing a healthful sleep. With three printings in its first year , that success has inspired Jackie and Paul to release two more volumes in the journey series. It has a beautiful spiitual cover that, perhaps, has helped it to remain the all time best seller. This digital recording begins with a deep, progressive relaxation during which you are encased in the loving presence of the white light. Continue your journey inward to your heart centre where you access the doorway to the magnificent Crystal Palace. Once inside the Crystal Palace, you will have the opportunity to absorb rays of healing light from all the colors of the rainbow. There are three large windows available to you. There is a window available for viewing past experiences with understanding,compassion and forgiveness; a window for viewing all possible future paths and choices; and a window for viewing solutions to problems and answers to questions.

Runtime: 60 Minutes
Music By: Paul Armitage
Media: CD
ISBN-13: 9781895814255
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