Infinite Healing for Body, Mind and Spirit (Vol. 4)

Infinite Healing for Body, Mind and Spirit (Vol. 4)


WHOOPS! One copy in CD format remaining anywhere .BRAND NEW!


Unfortunately after this volume goes - this CD by Jackie Haverty is completely SOLD OUT and is no longer available in the CD format. You may  order a download of  Vols. 1, 3 or 4 please go to:


This is a extended length production which plays for 75 minutes.


Infinite Healing is a powerful healing experience that transcends time and space. Use the incredible tools provided to create the highest expression of Love in every aspect of your life. The enclosed booklet provides necessary information for self-healing on a conscious level and explores how acceptance, forgiveness, and intent play an integral part in the healing process. Divinely inspired words and music create a harmonic resonance integrating quantum physics with Divine Love for transformation and integration.



Runtime: 75 Minutes
Music By: Paul Armitage
Media: CD
ISBN-13: 9781895814332
Track One: Ultimate Healing; 42 minutes long
Track Two: I Am Healing: 33 minutes long
Includes: 12 Page Booklet
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