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Monthly Specials There are different specials posted for each season of the year. For now until the end of winter, we will feature Children’s books, which include discounts on most of the titles we carry, and, in addition, as an added bonus, if you purchase two or more titles in this category, we will add a third title, Ballerina, the Dancing Angel, for free – with no additional shipping beyond the standard low price for children’s books or the maximum shipping for multiple book purchases. Also this spring we will feature Novels at half price, as well as until March 15th, 2014 books on Newfoundland are on special, with both a discount on the price and bonus 3-pack of Newfoundland Art Cards from noted Newfoundland artist, Virginia Houston. Check back each month for new items or call the toll free number (1-877-211-3334) to inquire.

Oak Island Unearthed! a miners investigation into the enigma of Oak Island, the Mesoamericans and the treasures buried within

Watch John O. O’Brien outline his ideas on the History Channel’ The Curse of Oak Island . He will be on Episode 6 and following. If you missed Episode Six (Dec 15, in USA, Dec 20 inCanada) please check this link on You-Tube:  or to see all episodes, go the The Curse of Oak Island web site at:


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LINK:  Friends of Oak Island facebook page/John O’Brien’s book:



John O’Brien first learned about Oak Island in 1958 at the age of twelve, listening intently as his pharmacist father and a Saint Mary’s University professor debated, for an entire winter, the merits of existing theories of Oak Island and the mysterious lost treasures of the world.


After fifty-five years of research and puzzling over this mystery, many visits to the island, tens of thousands of miles traveled, and thirty-six years working underground, as well as countless books devoured about Oak Island, other famous world mysteries and the Mesoamericans, O’Brien had much of the puzzle in hand. However, two issues remained. Although he had always known there was an ancient mine on the island, it took an episode on the History Channel to present the final clue as to what was being mined and where; followed by a recent and significant breakthrough in archeological research.


The latter finally linked ‘ritual mathematics’ with Oak Island measurements; which combined with the scientific findings (e.g., carbon dating, drill core samples, geology) which, for the most part, had been ignored … and 1000 years of history cemented the conclusions found in this publication. Oak Island, simply put, is an underground operation, and O’Brien’s life-long career as an experienced miner in all capacities – within Nova Scotia and the far-flung corners of the planet – gave him a perspective that has eluded others in what is the world’s longest ‘treasure hunt’.


Readers have even suggested this story is the true ‘W-5 plus one’ of Oak Island – the only original theory with supporting evidence that answers the who, what, where, why and when, as well as how – in a unique and comprehensive way. You will be surprised; you may initially be surprised, even startled by some of the connections and conclusions, but the evidence speaks for itself, and the story-telling style of O’Brien, honed in the mining camps of Canada’s far north, will keep you informed and entertained as he solves this enduring mystery.

Price: $19.99
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Ballerina, the dancing angel (softcover) ISBN 9781895814101

FABULOUS DEAL: SPRING SALE PRICED (Half Price) until May 30, 2018 plus $4.70 shipping as well until the end of May!


A story of dance for young girls and that reaches all those who understand the Old Testament Genesis account, when God made the world, sending the angel Ballerina to bring  joy, laugher and dance for your daughters. Great for young girls ages 4-8 involved in dance; dedicated to a living former prima ballerina!


Ballerina, the dancing angel: a picture storybook for children and all those who love music and dance. Inspired by the Book of Genesis from the Old Testament – the “Creation Story” – and a real live “prima ballerina”, it’s a story that will warm your heart and inspire little children to dance. Gentle, but masterful illustrations of Earth’s creatures and Heaven’s angels by talented artist Nuri Gurera combine to make this a delightful book for the young and the young at heart. Printed on 140M Euroart Silk makes this a durable book that you will treasure as a keepsake for your children and your grand-children. An innovative approach to story-telling with a traditional bent that speaks to the dancer within us all. 

Price: $12.95
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The Witch’s Brew (ISBN 9781895814415)


Children books are all Sale Priced for the SPRING 2018 … until May 15th.      Save 30% along with low flat shipping rates.


A book that tackles the difficult topic of  bullying among young children.


A pretty young witch is bullied by a grumpy old wizard. She refuses to do his evil work, so he casts a spell on her. She has one year to find a potion that will restore her image which, in turn, will banish him from her life forever. This book defines determined hard work as the ultimate fight against bullying.


Purchase any two titles from  the Children’s Category and receive a FREE copy of Ballerina, the Dancing Angel.

Price: $12.95
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George the Friendly Dragon



25% off SPRING SPECIAL until May 30th, 2018. Originally published at $15.95; it is now just $12.95 PLUS free shipping  on all children’s books until the end of May.



All time children’s best-seller used in over a thousand schools in Canada/USA/Bermuda. Praised by parents and teachers alike for its important messages for kids. Story is 6000 words and is a three night bedtime read!


A heart-warming story about being different and all that it entails, especially for someone growing up wanting to be understood and seeking acceptance from others. This story is about believing in oneself and developing tolerance for others, and addresses the important concept of self-esteem for children.


This story teaches children about self-esteem and developing tolerance for others. George, the Friendly Dragon is a heartwarming tale about being different. Children from a wide-range of ages will warm to E.T. Matthews’ delightful story and Gizelle Erdei’s colorful Disney-like illustrations. The content, message and production quality are reasons why this durable book is so loved by teachers and parents.



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Bold, colourful characters created by artist-designer Gizelle Erdei literally dance through the pages. It was field-tested with hundreds of school children and reviewed by many teachers prior to its release; The author and publisher have read George to many thousands young children since its release. Adults enjoy reading George aloud or using it as a dramatization. Teachers find that younger children (ages 4-7) love having it read to them, while older ones (ages 8-10) can read it on their own. Full of wonderful rhyming conversations between the principal characters, George and a little girl named Amber, it makes a great personal gift as well as an economical school resource. Printed on 100 lb. double-coated paper allows each page to resonate with rich, vibrant Disney-like colours. Add a 12 pt. laminated cover and you have a very durable, “nearly kid-proof”, book.

Illustrator: Gizelle Erdei
ISBN-10: 1895814022
ISBN-13: 9781895814026
Pages: 40
Price: $15.95
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