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Rare Items These are books of quality that are difficult to access or locate other than in second hand or antiquarian bookstores or in limited quantities directly from the publisher, who has the only new, pristine copies still available for sale.

Dancing on the Third Step


NEW January 2018: fourth novel from Dolores (Anna) Moffatt-Careless

Dancing on The Third Step  9781895914576  – 5 x 8  novelette; 54 pages $9.95 e-book (ePub3) :  $4.95 9781895814569 ( Kobo, Kindle)

(Novelette): In 2012 yet another jar was uncovered near Qumran. The jar contains a memoir written by Mary, the mother of Jesus. It becomes known as Mary’s Jar. Whereas to date the world has only had glimpses of Mary through Matthew, Luke-acts, John and the Protoevangelium of James, now we discover the humanity of a questioning literate wife and mother. She loves to dance. She is overflowing with human feeling and emotion that supersedes her chosen position – a woman hand-picked to bear one of the most unforgettable men of all time. She knows He is special, makes allowances for His uniqueness and suffers emphatically as mothers do. We travel back in time and enjoy the life and times of Jesus as seen through the eyes of Mary.


“The priest put the child on the third step of the altar and the Lord God put grace upon the child, and she danced for joy with her feet”. Protoevangelium of James, 7.3


Prologue: Since the Nissan and the death of my Son, I could but remember and weep. Now that my eyes are dry and scarred from so many tears, I know it is time to write my story. Every season, I carefully write several pages; it is time consuming because I must plan what I shall write. I hope any errors will be small, for once it is written, there is no going back. Some day, after I have joined my Son, the truth shall be revealed. Until then, it will be stored within a jar. For some time I remained with John; Jesus had placed me under his care. John and my son James still come to visit but they are very busy with Christian teachings. I am back in Nazareth and although my brethren visit when they can, I am mostly alone. Some of my children have left for distant lands, fearing reprisals. They asked me to go with them but I want to be where my Joseph lies buried and where I can still see the spirit of my Son running across the square and hear the echo of His voice in this house.



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Scapegoat, the extraordinary legal proceedings following the 1917 Halifax Explosion

SOLD OUT! (January, 2018)– New Edition available.


 Scapegoat,  was the overall winner on May 17th in Charlottetown for non-fiction in the Atlantic Book Awards,  The author and title were al;so awarded the prestigious Robbie Robertson Dartmouth Book Award for non-fiction for 2014. In June, 2015 Scapegoat won a Bronze medal in New York for non-fiction in Eastern Canada at the prestigious 2015 International Independent Publisher Awards.


Unfortunately this edition is  SOLD OUT! Fortunately there is new 100th Anniversary Edition available… just this spring until May 15 at $30.00 plus shipping. The 100th Anniversary Edition ( with several new chapters and over 120 new photos) won the prestigious international John Lyman  Award – presented in June, 2017 … new sticker affixed to cover.


Scapegoat by Joel Zemel is the definitive historical work related to the legal context, trials and appeals that followed the massive explosion the leveled the Halifax waterfront and north-end in 1917, killing 2000 and injuring 9000 more. Surely someone was to blame for this disaster? A through study in 496 pages, with primary source references that captures the mood, as well as the details of the inquiries, trials, and appeals of those who would be scapegoated to satisfy the public and governmental appetite for blame – someone had to be held responsible for this catastrophe! Three were charged, but why not one hundred? Perhaps because many had died, saving them from further pain and humiliation, but perhaps simply because Le Medoc, Wyatt and Mackey had survived and were more closely connected with this disaster than some others. Complete with 150 photographs and diagrams and enough primary document references and notes that tell many more stories in themselves.


Scapegoat Summary: On the morning of 6 December 1917, a French munitions ship, SS Mont Blanc, carrying a full cargo of highly volatile explosives, and a Belgian Relief vessel under Norwegian registry, SS Imo, collided in Halifax Harbour. Twenty minutes later, a catastrophic explosion destroyed the district of Richmond in the North End of the city, causing the loss of over 2,000 lives, countless injuries and millions of dollars in property damage. At first, German spies and saboteurs were assumed to have been the culprits. However, within a few days, Captain Aimée Le Médec and Pilot Francis Mackey of Mont Blanc were under intense scrutiny in the court of public opinion.


The federal government launched an immediate inquiry to investigate the causes of the accident which led to the disaster. However, Ottawa’s underlying goal was to assume control over the port and its pilotage system. During the latter part of the proceedings, fingers pointed towards the Royal Canadian Navy for alleged mismanagement of the port. By that time, the drive to find those responsible for the unthinkable had reached a fever pitch. As a result of the inquiry decision, the captain and pilot, along with RCN chief examining officer, Commander F. Evan Wyatt, were singled out for blame. They were arrested and subsequently charged with manslaughter and criminal negligence.


Within the framework of the inquiry transcripts and through the incorporation of additional legal records, official naval documentation, photographs and archived resources, this volume details the circumstances leading up to the day of the collision, fire and explosion. The courtroom then becomes the setting for a close examination of the inquiry itself and the numerous legal proceedings which followed. Ultimately, the evolution of the concerted efforts to indict a scapegoat in the wake of this unprecedented marine and civil disaster is revealed.

Additional DescriptionMore Details

A fabulous read for anyone interested in all things related to the Halifax Explosion. You will not get though this publication in single reading as the notes and subtext tell so many additional underlying stories in and of themselves. Once you read the main text you will find yourself returning time and again to search in the details and endnotes. Add meticulous attention to a detailed reconstruction of many photographs, some never seen before in any publication on the Halifax Explosion, and you have a book you’ll want to keep on your bookshelf always … as a reference or to amaze your friends with what you “know”. All Halifax “junkies” or Haligonians should always be within easy access of a copy of this publication.

Every library, large or small, will also want a copy in their collection, as will universities and law schools.


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Journey to the 5th Dimension: an Extra-ordinary Guided Meditation





Only limited copies (4 left; one case damaged) of  Volume 2 (5th Dimension) are available in a CD format. Although more than 10, 000 CDs in this series were originally printed, when these copies are gone, no more CD printings are planned. One Copy with damaged case – CD unaffected at $14.00



This is volume two of a three part series; volumes one and three in CD format are  currently SOLD OUT . However you may obtain a download version of either Vol 1 and/or 3 meditation  CD by clicking on the  following link: www.innerlightconnections.com



This powerful sixty minute guided meditation was created to guide the listener beyond the limits of one’s body and ego consciousness to the higher levels of the 5th dimension. The music is a spontaneous, celestial composition by Paul Armitage, and when combined with the soothing, transformative words of Jackie Haverty, weaves a tapestry of transcendence where words and music become One. The words were created from visions received by Jackie while in deep meditation. Diane Parks also spontaneously composed the beautiful artwork used for the labels and inserts.  All three beings involved in the making of this CD  have added their own unique vibrations. Through intent, the body, mind and spirit absorb and integrate the highest vibrations of the platinum/violet light of Cosmic Consciousness. This awakens the DNA and transforms all negativity into the higher vibrations of pure unconditional love, acceptance, compassion and forgiveness. It provides a truly remarkable experience with a shift in consciousness that occurs on all levels and prepares the body, mind and spirit for ascension into the 5th dimension.


Your Journey to the 5th dimension begins with a deep, progressive relaxation during which you absorb the bright golden light of your Higher Consciousness into every cell of your being. Continue your journey inward to the higher vibrations of the Crystal Palace where you enter the room of Integration and Transformation. In this magnificent room with no walls, you find yourself lying upon a warm and loving crystalline structure where every cell of your body absorbs and integrates the most powerful vibrations of luminescent platinum/violet light that falls softly upon you from a golden, geodesic dome above you. Subsequently, your inter-dimensional DNA talks to your biological DNA awakening and transforming all the strands within your biology. In addition, the crystal structure beneath you absorbs all negative thought, word, action and feeling ever expressed, in any time frame or dimension, from the totality of your being. These negative vibrations are then transformed and transmuted into the higher vibrations of unconditional love, compassion, understanding and forgiveness. The higher vibrations are then reflected back into your being through the crystalline structure beneath you.

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Like the Whistling of the Wind (ISBN 9781895814385)

HALF PRICE SPRING SPECIAL on all historical novels. Regular $23.95,  now only $11.98 until May 30th. Other books andnovels in the historical series,  which regularly retail for $12.95 are just $6.47 for this same period. 



A sophisticated, imperious but resilient mother and heroine strives to keep herself and her family together during the Revolutionary War (American War of Independence) with her husband and sons away from home on opposite sides in the conflict: Loyalist vs. Patriot; from New York to Saint John (1775 – 83). An historically accurate and linguistic masterpiece for all avid readers —  complete with the appurtenances of a new super-novel suitable for film or stage.



Additional DescriptionMore Details

This is the first of the ‘supernovels’, with three themes in one book. Primarily it is an historical novel set during the American Revolutionary War (War of Independence) from 1775-1783. It is a story of a family split along political lines, where the father (a military Colonel who fought with Wolfe at Louisbourg and Quebec) and one son are loyal to the King, while the other son serves with the Continental Army under George Washington. This son serves with Benedict Arnold during the campaigns along Lake Champlain and the ill-fated attack on Quebec City. Later the sons meet at Yorktown with the surrender with British General Charles Cornwallis.

The mother, Sulla Dramma, is the chief protagonist and heroine, who lives for the duration in New York, from where she was eventually evacuated to Saint John, N.B. to join her husband at the end of hostilities. She suffers many personal indignities, including imprisonment in an asylum for the insane (Luza Prison), but is resolute throughout it all to hold her family, (and her New York home which she adores), together. She is a courageous and especially literate woman who wants her sons to be educated as well, but the war has intervened. Her primary contact with the front and her family is through many letters throughout the novel, in which she assiduously corrects for grammar and spelling, not only of her two boys and husband, but even of the great writers and newspaper columnists of the day.

It is a story of the Loyalist/Royalist versus the Patriots/Rebels depending upon which side one is on. The language used is both sophisticated and late 18th Century. It also contains many rhyming couplets and a dozen original musical scores. The emphasis on language is intriguing, especially when arguments between the author and editor erupt as the story reaches a conclusion. It is a masterful mix of historical drama with real historical characters and those created by the author. The details of battles won and lost from 1775-80, including the commanders on both sides, are accurately reflected throughout this 334 page novel.

The novel is an ideal candidate for a film or stage production. The cover is an original painting by portrait artist Jacqui Mitchell.

Price: $23.95
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