Statement of philosophy and mandate

New World is a small, eclectic company founded in 1995 to produce books “that make a difference in peoples lives”. From our inception, New World has used the maximum amount of recycled/post-consumer waste material available during the production of all of our publications. The bulk of our publications relate to the mandate of being Atlantic or Canadian in authorship, design, pre-publication and production.

Maple LeafAll books produced since 1999 also bear the red maple leaf logo symbolizing 100% Canadian content and production.

The subjects of our titles are intended to help people with their lives (health, wellness, safety and self-esteem) and/or include historical, artistic and cultural themes related to the Atlantic region. A critical theme that flows through all New World titles is the commitment to environmentally conscious productions. All current editions use 100% recycled (post consumer) content and bear that label on the title page of all books. Beginning in 2008, our books have been Forestry Council Certified (FSC) as our further commitment to the environment. We are also committed to the principle of working with new authors, including seniors,  as much as possible. Our marketing efforts are regional, national or international as appropriate to the genre and specific title.


We limit our development and publication to a maximum of eight titles annually to ensure quality of production and the ability to market and promote these works and their authors. As often as possible, we limit our national titles to one new production annually and spend a minimum of two to three years to market such titles within Canada or internationally, as appropriate. The remainder of our publications are regional in nature and dedicated to art, history and sport history within the Atlantic region. The bulk of our titles are non-fiction, but a small number of memoirs and regional novels have been produced as the company moves forward.


NOTE: Although we have published and still sell a limited number of children’s books, that aspect of our publication program had been reduced for the last five years. However, as of July, 2017, we have reinstated the acceptance of manuscripts of children’s fiction and limited number of novels for consideration.