Barbara DeLory

Born and raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Barbara DeLory is married to Cullen and has raised four children. She received her MLS from Dalhousie University in 1985 and was employed as a librarian at Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources for ten years, retiring in 1998.

Old Halifax is a walking city, as is downtown Dartmouth. So much is accessible on foot: the parks, the city sidewalks are filled with interesting pieces of public art. But there seemed to be little documentation of this art, apart from wonderful stories by Lou Collins on old Halifax through his newspapers articles… he became the lamp lighter.

With proper research she thought perhaps she could write a book about this public art, expanding it to include the gems that are found in the towns, suburbs and rural villages in the larger municipality. After many hours (and years) of interviewing, searching, questioning, and taking advice from “the keepers” of the institutions that house all this literature the quest was accomplished: Three Centuries of Public Art: historic Halifax Regional Municipality came to fruition.

She has dreamt of residences in Paris or Venice, but has travelled to those far away places for visits only, always returning to the city she has called home for a lifetime.

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