Esther Thériault

Esther Thériault was born in Saint-Martin-de-Clare, Nova Scotia, Canada – an Acadian rural community that once boasted small self-sufficient farms. It was evident from early in life that farming was not her calling. Rather than ploughing, planting, weeding, and harvesting, she spent many hours reading – even school textbooks. Her grandmother would often shake her head at Esther’s vivid imagination and audience. She would find her in the barn reading to a cow or sitting in an old apple tree reading to her calico cat.

Esther was educated in both official languages. Her career with the Governments of Nova Scotia and Canada afforded her the opportunity to travel and work across Canada. Her continued interest in reading and writing was enhanced during her employment with Hansard Reporting Services where she transcribed and edited the debates of the Nova Scotia Legislative Assembly. After 32 years in public service and 9 years self-employed, she took her long-deserved retirement. But retirement was not her calling either, so she promptly put her brain and computer to work.

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