Author Queries

All inquiries from authors who wish their book or project to be considered for publication by New World Publishing (Canada) should observe the following directions and suggestions:

1. New World has a limited number of genres in which it publishes: a.) Health and Wellness, Self-Esteem and Safety (national or international publications) b.) Historical (including sport history) and Artistic publications of the Atlantic Canada only; a limited number of historical memoirs may also be considered.

2. We  recently published our first children’s book in many years, but the topics must fit well with work we already publish, including Maritime or Atlantic themes. We also  do we publish what would be considered “New Age” or most self-help publications. We also do not normally publish much fiction and novels  should generally have a strong connection to the Atlantic region historically. Currently, we will not be considering any new non-fiction titles before 2017.

3. All queries should be submitted by e-mail to the managing editor: and include:

a.) a well-written one page summary of your work, along with what makes it unique for publication and a list of titles which address the same issues or topic and why your offers an expanded or new perspective;

b.) a Table of Contents, as well as the number of pages or words contained in the finished manuscript. If unfinished, please estimate the size and indicate when the work should be completed; and

c.) a list of marketing possibilities, including the geographic scope, any possible specialty markets and your ability to promote the finished product through special knowledge, skills, or contacts, plus book signings, interviews, articles, presentations and the like.

Please do not send entire printed manuscripts or CDs until you are requested to do so. It is expensive and wasteful, especially if it bears no relation to the work of the publishing house. Initial queries will be answered within six weeks to three months or sooner.

New World Publishing currently only produces six to eight projects in a calendar year, and only one or two on a national basis in order to ensure that they are properly produced and adequately promoted to achieve maximum potential. As with most publishers, we work at least one- two years ahead. For example, any new proposals submitted and accepted in 2017  would normally be for publication in 2018-19.

In the near future we will add a number of specific links to this site that we suggest might be helpful to new authors to locate an appropriate agent, publisher or to otherwise bring their work to fruition. We also strongly recommend that you join your provincial writers federation, as they can be of great assistance to both new and experienced authors. In Nova Scotia and PEI contact the Writer’s Federation of Nova Scotia.

TEXT: When preparing text for submission to any publishing house, please do not attempt to format the manuscript – for example: use no indents; the text should be left justified only; with return/enter buttons used only to indicate paragraphs. Also submit files as .doc, docx or .rtf only. All formats will be created by the publishing house according to its in-house formatting style and using sophisticated software. Formats created by the author will only slow down the eventual process of publication.

Dave Bricker, author, educator, designer, publisher has a great article entitled:   A Manuscript is not a book – Ten Tips for Manuscript Preparation. Prospective writers should read his timely tips on what to do and especially what NOT to do when readying a manuscript for prospective publishers. Following these suggestions will save you a lot of grief, as well as saving the publisher a significant amount of  time undoing unnecessary formating or removing double spaces after periods … and more! 

PHOTOS: Please inquire about the quality of photos or submit original pictures only; or create 300 dpi tiffs with a HQ digital camera or HQ scanner. In most cases the publishing house will have a recommended standard and/or may, in special cases,  may prefer to scan the pictures themselves at 48 bit depth. Do not convert to Black & White: submit originals in full colour or if black and white or sepia, in their original state. If taking photos which could be used for your work, ensure the digital camera is set on highest standard for shooting …  and do not print the images and only submit those for background information. We do not wish to scan print versions that were taken digitally, Submit all digital images as raw large files .. best to use a flash memory stick for this purpose.If you have questions on photo quality, please ask BEFORE, not AFTER!