African Chronicles- a memoir (ISBN 9781895814422)

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After their early experiences in Africa detailed in this memoir, Burris and Louanne Devanney were responsible for establishing and managing one of the more successful NGOs in The Gambia, including the formation of as university program in that country (with Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, NS). They also expanded educational opportunities for public education, health ( e.g., AIDS, malaria) and other training opportunities, such as police and government services. In all, close to 1000 high school and university students, health workers, educators and police from Nova Scotia went to The Gambia to help build that country. For his work, Devanney was awarded the Order of The Gambia (officer status) as well as an honourary doctorate from SMU.


African Chronicles is a gripping story of adventure and discovery – and a well-researched must-read for anyone who wants to understand why Africa is still held in the doldrums of poverty years after colonialism has ended. – Julius H. E. Uzoaba, Ph.D. (Edinburg), Ottawa, Canada

A proverbial “page-turner” . . . We are treated to the inside story of young Canadian innocents who carefully chronicled kindness and cruelty, luck and learning, impertinence and fear, as they mapped their first steps on a lifetime relationship with Africa. . . . Just a mighty good read! – Barbara MacDonald Moore, Director, International Programs, Canadian Teachers’ Federation, Ottawa, Canada.


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African Chronicles, a stimulating, challenging two-volume memoir of one of the most turbulent periods in African history in the 1960s: v.1 Rhodesia – Zimbabwe and v.2 Nigeria- Biafra by Burris Devanney.


In 1965 newlyweds Burris & Louanne Devanney travel to an Africa of bright prospects on Canada’s new international assistance program. Their first posting is to a remote 40 year old mission station in rural Rhodesia, where they encounter the tragic absurdities of “petty apartheid”. Their second posting is to a famous secondary school in Eastern Nigeria, which is on the brink of secession and civil war. Thus begins their life-long passion for development work and for Africa.  Theirs is a traveller’s tale of uncertain journeys, challenging missions, durable friendships and deadly conflicts – a montage of compelling stories chronicling the courage, resilience, tragedy and humour that distinguish the lives of individuals and of countries on the edge. Emerging from the narrative are singular perspectives on African history and the “Great Game of Development.”


The front cover is an original painting by artist J.E (Jacqui) Mitchell.


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