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Capturing Crime was shortlisted in the Atlantic Book Awards for the John and Margaret Savage Best First Book Award by new author award!

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ISBN 9781895814972 Coffee table-full colour: 100 gloss pages 8.5 x 11 Price: $24.95 Author/artist: Carol Taylor; narrative by Greg Marquis; with Connell Smith and Roslyn Rosenfeld

ISBN 9781989564110 LIMITED EDITION Hard Cover! Once sold out, no more will be printed, so get it while you still can.

In episode 01 of Adult Storytime with host Jenn Carson, she discusses the book ‘Capturing Crime’ by artist Carol Taylor. Check it out right here!

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A quality coffee table style publication in full colour, involving New Brunswick Law courts, Judges, prosecutors, witnesses, defence teams, evidence in ‘red bags’, all drawn from an artist’s perspective. The good guys, the ‘bad’ guys, the top dozen or more stories over the last three decades from the New Brunswick courts. However, many of these trials gained prominence within Canada or were of significant national significance in the criminal justice system. Included are both trials of Alan Légère, the Winters and Romeo murder trials, child molestation and child neglect, Premier Hatfield’s “marijuana case”, a Columbian drug smuggling cartel, the Bourque RCMP murders in Moncton, and the Oland trials plus the Irving Empire in court – twice! All this and more wrapped up in one tidy package, with full colour sketches of courts and participants, plus well constructed verse explaining each of those trials. Artist Carol Taylor has been sketching in the courts for over thirty years, and her documentation covering a wide variety of cases, it is both factual and entertaining. Greg Marquis, author and professor of Criminal Justice and Canadian history at UNB, wrote the main trial narratives with a Preface by Connell Smith; Epilogue by Roslyn Rosenfeld.


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