Free to Fly, a journey toward wellness (2nd Edition) ISBN 9781895814156


This book covers all manner of allergies, IBS, PMS, depression, Candida, CFS, asthma, migraines, nausea, eczema, as well as ear and throat infections, colitis, hyperactivity and ADHD in children.

Praised by medical doctors and natural health practitioners alike for its accuracy, completeness and readability, it is the first book you should read to help prevent disease, improve your health and change your life. Significant information on nutrition and the environment, including your workplace, home, lawns and gardens.

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All-Time Number One Canadian Best-seller… $1.4 Million sold to date. Written in story-form, it is Canada’s all-time best selling and most loved book on health and wellness. With over one million dollars worth sold at retail, this book is the most accessible book in its field to explain complex health problems in layman’s terms.

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