Journey Through the Chakras (Vol.3): an Extra-Ordinary Guided Meditation


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PLEASE NOTE: There are no copies of this production remaining in a CD format, as it was  the last very hard copy printing before becoming available as a download only at


Experience the final 60 minute guided meditation in a series of three, beginning with a deep relaxation in preparation for an unforgettable journey through the seven major chakras. This journey is designed to cleanse the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual selves of electromagnetic blockages that keep us unbalanced and unwell.


Your journey takes you through each major chakra, while breathing the vibrant colors into your entire being and absorbing the colors into every cell of your body. Release   yourself from core issues related to each chakra.


You will balance, adjust and integrate your chakras . . . and  will experience exhilarating  feelings of  freedom,  creativity,  love,  acceptance,  forgiveness, inner  truth and   wisdom, while  increasing the Universal vibrational frequencies order to transform your cells;  bring you metal clarity; balance your   emotional  self;  and  activate your multiple levels of   consciousness. Enjoy a profound enrichment of well being on all levels of body, mind, spirit and soul.



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60 Minutes

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Paul Armitage