Judit Rajhathy Live (Vol.1): Raising Healthy Children

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ADHD is also addressed in this dynamic recording. It was recorded at the request of many who attended her lectures and workshopsrom 1996-2004. Great for busy persons who can listen to it in their car while driving to work or on shopping trips.




HALF PRICE: Thousands of copies sold at $10.95; but remaining stock is available for $3.00 each until stock is depleted.  Note: A copy of this cassette or the Boosting Your Energy cassette will be shipped  free of charge with any order of  either of our Canadian Best-sellers:  BALANCE, Nature’s Way to Heal Your Body or Free to Fly, a journey toward wellness. 


This first volume is based on Judit’s keynote lectures at Wholife Expo in Toronto and her best-selling book. The focus of this volume is on children’s health, including chronic ear and throat infections, constant mucus issues and bacterial/viral infections, asthma, bed-wetting as well as attention/behavioral issues at home and school.

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