Judit Rajhathy Live (Vol.2): Boosting Your Energy

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Other topics in this 105 minute, often humorous discourse include: allergies, chronic ailments, headaches/migraines, depression, digestive and bowel disorders, PMS, sinusitis, asthma and more! It is excellent for reluctant readers: those who need this information, but do not have the time or patience to read the 352 page book. Listen to it as you drive to work or while you work at home.




RARE ITEM at LESS THAN HALF PRICE: Thousands of copies sold at $10.95; but remaining stock is available for $3.00 each until stock is depleted.  Note: A copy of this cassette or the Raising Healthy Children cassette will be shipped  free of charge with any order of  either of our Canadian Best-sellers:  BALANCE, Nature’s Way to Heal Your Body or Free to Fly, a journey toward wellness. 




Volume 2 is a companion to both Vol.1 and her best-selling book, Free to Fly, but speaks specifically to issues of energy losses in adults, including both intermittent and chronic fatigue, food and chemical allergies, and ways to boost both your energy and your immune system to help you live a better, more energetic life.



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