Like the Whistling of the Wind (ISBN 9781895814385)


This is the first of the ‘supernovels’, with three themes in one book. Primarily it is an historical novel set during the American Revolutionary War (War of Independence) from 1775-1783. It is a story of a family split along political lines, where the father (a military Colonel who fought with Wolfe at Louisbourg and Quebec) and one son are loyal to the King, while the other son serves with the Continental Army under George Washington. This son serves with Benedict Arnold during the campaigns along Lake Champlain and the ill-fated attack on Quebec City. Later the sons meet at Yorktown with the surrender with British General Charles Cornwallis.

The mother, Sulla Dramma, is the chief protagonist and heroine, who lives for the duration in New York, from where she was eventually evacuated to Saint John, N.B. to join her husband at the end of hostilities. She suffers many personal indignities, including imprisonment in an asylum for the insane (Luza Prison), but is resolute throughout it all to hold her family, (and her New York home which she adores), together. She is a courageous and especially literate woman who wants her sons to be educated as well, but the war has intervened. Her primary contact with the front and her family is through many letters throughout the novel, in which she assiduously corrects for grammar and spelling, not only of her two boys and husband, but even of the great writers and newspaper columnists of the day.

It is a story of the Loyalist/Royalist versus the Patriots/Rebels depending upon which side one is on. The language used is both sophisticated and late 18th Century. It also contains many rhyming couplets and a dozen original musical scores. The emphasis on language is intriguing, especially when arguments between the author and editor erupt as the story reaches a conclusion. It is a masterful mix of historical drama with real historical characters and those created by the author. The details of battles won and lost from 1775-80, including the commanders on both sides, are accurately reflected throughout this 334 page novel.

The novel is an ideal candidate for a film or stage production. The cover is an original painting by portrait artist Jacqui Mitchell.


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A sophisticated, imperious but resilient mother and heroine strives to keep herself and her family together during the Revolutionary War (American War of Independence) with her husband and sons away from home on opposite sides in the conflict: Loyalist vs. Patriot; from New York to Saint John (1775 – 83). An historically accurate and linguistic masterpiece for all avid readers —  complete with the appurtenances of a new super-novel suitable for film or stage.

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