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UPDATED EDITION: WOW! The first edition of The Forgotten Acadians sold out in just 58 days in the late fall of 2019. An updated edition, which updated (and corrected) several smaller sections of this book, also added a dozen pages at the end of this edition indicating the names and locations of Acadian settlements in all 3 Maritime Provinces, each placed on a map of each province, as well as brief summary of the Expulsion of the Acadians (Diaspora) from 1755-1763, which ended with the Treaty of Paris, However, many thousands of inhabitants were scattered to colonies to the south: New England, Virginia, and Louisiana, as well as to Quebec, the Caribbean, with some returning to France. Still, some in hiding, with help from the Mi’kmaq, returned to their homes (if possible) or to new locations, and eventually, a smaller number returned to Nova Scotia (the Maritimes today) from ‘exile’, but the long term impact was a much smaller population today than would have been in this region.

This manuscript is a culmination of years of effort to reveal a “lost chapter” in Canadian and Maritime history, a story that began with a Mi’kmaq and Basque seasonal presence on the NS Eastern Shore as early as the Sixteenth Century, followed by a permanent settlement of Chezzetcook Acadian families in the latter part of the Eighteenth.

Did you know Samuel de Champlain visited Tor Baie, Guysborough Co, NS in 1607 before sailing up the St. Lawrence River to found Quebec City the following year?  Discover the Acadian Awakening in Nova Scotia and its connections to the “quiet revolution” in Quebec, the first Acadian premier of New Brunswick, and on the federal scene, the emergence of the “Three Wise Men” who changed national perspectives on bilingualism and multiculturalism in Canada forever.

It is also hoped that this book will entice readers to visit these “forgotten shores” to uncover a wealth of information at the unique “Parc de Nos Ancêtres” Commemorative Park in Larry’s River, and “Place Savalette National Historic Site”, in Port Félix, Nova Scotia.

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  1. francis

    Wow! First Edition sold out in 58 days; Updated Edition sold 40% in month of February!

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