Where the Fishermen Sing


When years later Tom finds Laurie on Moffatt’s Island – the island in St. Lambert that bore her name and would become the focal point of her life – Laurie believes that nothing could ever again come between them, but Tom leaves. She has an extraordinary and significant dream and she takes heart, but she must discover the island within herself to become complete.


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Was it fate that brought Laurie Moffatt from Montreal to Canso, Nova Scotia, when she was a young girl, to fall in love with Tommy Doyle, and was it fate that brought Tom to Canso after his father died, to fall under Laurie’s spell.

Forced to return home to a grim family life and a Catholic convent school, Laurie reaches the age of seventeen before she is reunited with Tom is Canso. Through a cruel twist of fate their love is thwarted.

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