R.E.A.L., from the Edge of the Rock


Unusual sightings, the presence of ghosts in the family home, belief in fairies and superstitions were all a part of growing up in the village. She also grew up in fear: angst related to her father’s harsh discipline, as well as threat-based schooling deeply rooted in rote learning and religious rites. “Forty years later and much personal work, she sees that choice (of leaving her home), and her home in a very different light.” This story parallels the conditions and situations in many smaller, rural Canadian Communities in the 1940s-1960s, especially for women. A page turner once you begin; something to which many individuals can relate to in their own childhood or in rural communities elsewhere in Canada or the USA.


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Ghosts, myths, ‘old country’ superstitions, rigid religious dogma, harsh school discipline and the cyclical poverty of mid-Century Newfoundland outports provide the context and content for this fascinating 60 year memoir by Rita Mary Stamp.

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