Reluctant Target: avoiding motor vehicle collisions and other survival tips

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Reluctant Target is designed for all drivers: experienced or new; families, teens, or older persons. Read it as a family; it may save the life of someone you love or, indeed, your own. Topics: speed, lane changes, left-hand turns, winter driving, skids & roll-overs, braking/steering, ABS, accident reporting, escape, night driving, distractions./cell phones, cross-walks, and more!


FABULOUS SPRING SPECIAL: $12.00 with Free Shipping in Canada. $5.00 USA; Europe $10.00. Offer ends May 15, 2018. Don’t let your teens drive on their own without reading this Book, In fact, everyone should make it a family affair to read this book together, then put it into the car’s glove compartment for reference. A tiny book that could save you insurance costs. It may even save your life!

Jim Mitchell is one of Canada’s leading experts on motor vehicle collision analyses and author of the #1 International Best selling Guide for traffic accident analysis used by independent crash investigators, police, lawyers, engineers and other professionals world-wide; sold in over 40 countries.

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