George the Friendly Dragon


Bold, colourful characters created by artist-designer Gizelle Erdei literally dance through the pages. It was field-tested with hundreds of school children and reviewed by many teachers prior to its release; The author and publisher have read George to many thousands young children since its release. Adults enjoy reading George aloud or using it as a dramatization. Teachers find that younger children (ages 4-7) love having it read to them, while older ones (ages 8-10) can read it on their own. Full of wonderful rhyming conversations between the principal characters, George and a little girl named Amber, it makes a great personal gift as well as an economical school resource. Printed on 100 lb. double-coated paper allows each page to resonate with rich, vibrant Disney-like colours. Add a 12 pt. laminated cover and you have a very durable, “nearly kid-proof”, book.


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All time children’s best-seller used in over a thousand schools in Canada/USA/Bermuda. Praised by parents and teachers alike for its important messages for kids. Story is 6000 words and is a three night bedtime read!

A heart-warming story about being different and all that it entails, especially for someone growing up wanting to be understood and seeking acceptance from others. This story is about believing in oneself and developing tolerance for others, and addresses the important concept of self-esteem for children.

This story teaches children about self-esteem and developing tolerance for others. George, the Friendly Dragon is a heartwarming tale about being different. Children from a wide-range of ages will warm to E.T. Matthews’ delightful story and Gizelle Erdei’s colorful Disney-like illustrations. The content, message and production quality are reasons why this durable book is so loved by teachers and parents.

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Gizelle Erdei