Oak Island Unearthed! a miners investigation into the enigma of Oak Island, the Mesoamericans and the treasures buried within



Watch John O. O’Brien outline his ideas on the History Channel’ The Curse of Oak Island . He will be on Episode 6 and following. If you missed Episode Six (Dec 15, in USA, Dec 20 inCanada) please check this link on You-Tube:  or to see all episodes, go the The Curse of Oak Island web site at:


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John O’Brien first learned about Oak Island in 1958 at the age of twelve, listening intently as his pharmacist father and a Saint Mary’s University professor debated, for an entire winter, the merits of existing theories of Oak Island and the mysterious lost treasures of the world.


After fifty-five years of research and puzzling over this mystery, many visits to the island, tens of thousands of miles traveled, and thirty-six years working underground, as well as countless books devoured about Oak Island, other famous world mysteries and the Mesoamericans, O’Brien had much of the puzzle in hand. However, two issues remained. Although he had always known there was an ancient mine on the island, it took an episode on the History Channel to present the final clue as to what was being mined and where; followed by a recent and significant breakthrough in archeological research.


The latter finally linked ‘ritual mathematics’ with Oak Island measurements; which combined with the scientific findings (e.g., carbon dating, drill core samples, geology) which, for the most part, had been ignored … and 1000 years of history cemented the conclusions found in this publication. Oak Island, simply put, is an underground operation, and O’Brien’s life-long career as an experienced miner in all capacities – within Nova Scotia and the far-flung corners of the planet – gave him a perspective that has eluded others in what is the world’s longest ‘treasure hunt’.


Readers have even suggested this story is the true ‘W-5 plus one’ of Oak Island – the only original theory with supporting evidence that answers the who, what, where, why and when, as well as how – in a unique and comprehensive way. You will be surprised; you may initially be surprised, even startled by some of the connections and conclusions, but the evidence speaks for itself, and the story-telling style of O’Brien, honed in the mining camps of Canada’s far north, will keep you informed and entertained as he solves this enduring mystery.

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