Journey to the Crystal Palace (Vol.1)


This journey provides true liberation of our body, mind and spirit. Although primarily intended as a meditation tape, the soothing words by Jackie and the inspirational music by Paul Armitage make this CD a wonderful relaxation tool, which can release tension and stress, inducing a healthful sleep. With three printings in its first year , that success has inspired Jackie and Paul to release two more volumes in the journey series. It has a beautiful spiitual cover that, perhaps, has helped it to remain the all time best seller. This digital recording begins with a deep, progressive relaxation during which you are encased in the loving presence of the white light. Continue your journey inward to your heart centre where you access the doorway to the magnificent Crystal Palace. Once inside the Crystal Palace, you will have the opportunity to absorb rays of healing light from all the colors of the rainbow. There are three large windows available to you. There is a window available for viewing past experiences with understanding,compassion and forgiveness; a window for viewing all possible future paths and choices; and a window for viewing solutions to problems and answers to questions.


SOLD OUT in CD format: please note that this item is no longer available in CD format, You may obtain a download of this CD by contacting the author directly at: 


This extra-ordinary sixty minute guided meditation by BC author and spiritual teacher, Jackie Haverty, was created to provide the listener with a profound, multi-dimensional experience in which the Higher Self is accessed for mystical insight and “true” healing. Through intent, the heart is opened to the timeless gifts of transformation and unconditional love from the Divine Self.

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60 Minutes

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Paul Armitage