The Boys of ’62 Transcending the Racial Divide (2nd Limited Edition)


The LIMITED SECOND EDITION covers the years 2008-9 involving the Roy Hobb’s World Series of Baseball in Florida (Classic Division, 2008) the Lieutenant Governor’s Reception (February, 2009). This edition has over 40 biographies and 90 additional photographs The number of copies available for sale is limited and it will soon be moved into the RARE category.




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Signed copies of this edition were donated to the 2013 Canadian Junior Baseball Championships in Halifax- Dartmouth Aug , 2013 In honour of the team of the 1960s decade, the 1962 Vaughan Furriers Maritime Junior Baseball Champions. One copy was drawn for a fan at each of 12 games in the round-robin series.


Copies are in Baseball Nova Scotia, the Maritime Sport Hall of Fame  and the Nova Scotia Sport Hall of Fame, as well as in most Halifax independent bookstores and Halifax Regional Libraries.


A remarkable story of dedication, perseverance in sport and racial harmony when racial intolerance and social upheaval dominated the North American landscape. Three new chaptersRoy Hobb’s World Series, Lt. Governor’s reception & Sport Hall of Fame about this celebrated team. A Nova Scotia Baseball Hall of Fame team with 55 years in sport and as role models within their communities; nominated for Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame for 2010.  One of the first truly racially integrated sports teams in Canada; comprised of an equal number of black (African Canadian) and white players, they transcended racial barriers and dominated junior baseball in the summer of 1962, but more importantly dedicated themselves to succeeding generations of youth, earning the respect and support of their community and province. This is a story of that Hall of Fame team and each of its members.

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