Success on the Edge: portrait of a small town


Drawing on her knowledge of Tignish’s history, as well as many years of living in and observing this community, Elizabeth Cran analyses the factors that have helped it grow and thrive into the 21st century. Her work also illustrates clearly that other communities can retain or even regain a measure of independence in an age of globalization. Residents of small communities anywhere on this continent, as well as members of governments and local organizations concerned with them, will find much food for thought and suggestions to adapt in this important little book. It is also hoped this book will inspire other communities, through their local writers or historians, to emulate the work of E. E. Cran, thereby preserving their own local record. It is a book that every small town library and civic administration office should have on their shelves. Foreword by Gert Morgenstern, Thomas More Institute for Research in Adult Liberal Studies. This title is also an important historical account of settlement in north-western PEI and fore-runner of a later collaboration related to the Co-Op movement in the Maritimes, published by Goose Lane Editions.


FREE SHIPPING FOR SPRING: until May 30, 2018 … and 20% off as a bonus,… great regional history for north-western PEI... and a book all small towns need to read and keep in their local library for reference. Speaks to the factors that allow some towns to thrive, while others struggle to survive!

What makes Tignish, Prince Edward Island, a unique and important community? When so many smaller communities are but mere shadows of what they were a hundred years ago, why is Tignish still thriving and developing?

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