White Flyer


This story takes young readers into an environment where life, work and family values are intertwined. Youngsters learn from their elders (i.e. parents, guardians, teachers), especially related to advice or warnings about more dangerous activities – advice intended to protect them from harm, not inhibit enjoyment in the exploration of their world. Young readers will particularly enjoy White Flyer’s antics early on, when like them, he is young and playful, but then grows into maturity. Valued by most adults, and enjoyed by youth.


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The first in a series of new books for boys and girls age 7 to 11. White Flyer, the son of the master of what many considered as mythical Creatures (a flying unicorn) leaves his home land along with two friends to visit the land of earthlings. White Flyer’s early misadventures cause him some grief, but he eventually saves a young boy from drowning. Thus begins his magical relationship with his adopted human family – and eventual re-unification with his own family. The ending has an interesting twist with a difficult decision on the part of White Flyer. IMPORTANT LESSONS for young children as they grow and mature. Author-signed copies available on request.

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